2TB of Free Space?!?! OH NO!!!

It’s really odd. I find myself thinking I’m running low on space.

I have a Synology NAS with 8TB of redundant disk space in it. It’s not like I’m running out of room.

But with all of my movies, TV shows, music, software, pictures and everything else I can toss at it, I find I have 2TB left of free space.

An enormous amount of space.

And yet…

I find myself thinking it’s time to swap out all of those drives and get bigger ones.

That is a bit insane.

I feel like I’ve seen the dawn of time when I was lucky to have even a cassette tape as a storage medium. Floppies? Who can afford those expensive things?

And now I’m thinking that I can’t stand having “so little” room as 2TB free on my NAS.

That is more than a bit insane.

But it’s the disease I have with computers. Never enough.



I will have to find some place in my budget to get new drives, I see.

Isn’t the future grand?2013-09-30 19.11.44

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