Starting Fresh

Outside of Ford Field during Tech Week 2015
Detroit and Shinola









It’s about time I’ve started some new things. These domains I’ve had for years…literally years, over a decade on some of them, and I’ve done absolutely nothing with them. Domains like 2wordhorror and redfilth (parody sites of a local church and Manchester United, respectively) that I picked up and even bought merchandise for as a joke.








Well, that changes now. At least that’s my affirmation. And it has to start with my own domain.

I may never “fix” our rat site but have left the domain idle for now and all of the mail works but honestly, I don’t know that I want to fix it. There’s a lot of love in that site but also a lot of hurt. Leaving it with the home page is pretty much all I want to do at the moment. I’ve got all the data backed up somewhere but it will take tackling it on a database level to make all the links work properly.

Lesson learned with that: Check with your hosting provider occasionally and see if they are making changes that could screw up your hosting environment…but good. It’s essentially a db conversion but again, a lot of hurt still there and it’s just better to let sleeping dogs lie.

Regardless. I’m putting some Detroit themed images up here I’ve taken over the years starting with the header which is a shot I took outside of Ford Field last year during Tech Week. Yes, it was shot on an iPhone 6 too. I thought that was fitting. Shinola clock with an iPhone ad shot on an iPhone in downtown Detroit.

I will link it here in case I change the header in the future.

So goals:

  1. Create a new site with some ideas. Rehash the CMS I’ve chosen and work with the layout of it.
  2. Update skills with some graphics apps. I’ve done some space things with Spaceship of the Imagination from the Neil deGrasse Tyson series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. I’m sure I’ll add more to those designs and likely have a gallery
  3. This started with the above mentioned updates to the images but in reality, I have sat back and done a lot of nothing online for way too long other than my twitter posts here and there. Time for that to change.
  4. Dip my toe in the game dev world. I’ve been telling myself this for way too long and I need to just do something about it rather than armchair quarterback things anymore. Nothing wrong with armchair quarterbacks. They just have no touchdowns to their name that anyone knows about.

So I’d like to actually start moving forward with my vision of a better tomorrow rather than talk about it on an page.

Oh yeah, here’s an page telling more about me. Mainly I’ve been involved in tech for a long long while. Moved to Detroit where I friggin love it and Michigan as well. Have a lot of ideas but seem to not have as much time to devote to those ideas due to work and family.

This might change now and it might not.

I wonder if I should go buy a parrot-related domain now… (inside joke that I might expand on later)

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